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Leeds Juggling Convention 2006

November 5th, 2006

A great day

I went to the Leeds Juggling Convention yesterday. The hall was packed with jugglers of all shapes and sizes and many different levels of ability. Its the first convention I have been to and has certainly set a good precedent. Its a great way to learn some new tricks and to get some inspiration from others. The games were great (juggling gladiators, unicycle wars etc) but unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the show in the evening which I have heard was great!
I’ve attached this photo of a ring of people juggling seven balls each which I thought was pretty impressive.


I have recently been doing some recoding of my juggling videos and a redesign of my website. You will now find all my videos available in Windows Media Video, Quicktime Movie and Flash Video formats.

Why These Three?

I made the move because, being a Linux user and having many Linux visitors to my website, I realised that offering a Windows only format was far from ideal or fair. I decided to offer Quicktime video because I like the players simplicity and the Apple Codecs are great for keeping file sizes to a minimum without severely reducing the image quality. Quicktime is also great for Mac users as it is a built in part of the OS. I believe that Quicktime Movies can also be viewed using certain linux multimedia players but just to make sure that everybody can watch I have also offered my videos in Flash Video Format. Anybody possessing a web browser with Flash 7 installed should be able to watch the content regardless of their operating system or network environment.

What Tools do I use?

The flash player that I chose is a free script that can be downloaded here:
It can also be embedded into other flash movies or templates.

As for the video encoding, I used Flash Video Encoder 8, Quicktime and Windows Media Encoder.
Hope this will help some of you who haven’t been able to watch the videos until now.