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On my Ubuntu Intrepid installation, I have recently been experiencing a bug with Firefox 3 that causes it to load in a weird full screen mode upon startup. This strange full-screen mode has no title bar (apparently its a compiz bug) and can be temporarily fixed by hitting the F11 key twice. However, doing so every time you start up Firefox can be a pain and so I searched around for a permanent fix.
Basically, when you have this problem, do the following:

  1. Hit the F11 key twice - this should bring firefox back to a normal state where the title bar at the top is visible.
  2. Double-click twice on the title bar (this should resize firefox - and may well make the window look a little strange or out of proportion due to the nature of this bug).
  3. Now close firefox (Ctrl + Q).
  4. Open Firefox again and double click on the title bar to maximise the window.

As strange as it may seem, this should solve the problem completely. Hopefully the developers will look into this and fix the bad code aswell - but at least you have a workaround for the moment.

This bug has been logged on Launchpad.

3 Responses to “Bug: Firefox 3 Starts in Full Screen Mode”

  1. Vitor Says:

    Thanks! Saved my day :-)

  2. dudeman Says:

    Beautiful!!! This has been bugging the hell out of me! Probably the strangest fix I’ve seen for this but the only one that worked for me,

  3. Jono Says:

    Yeah… this made little sense to me either but it works and I suppose that is all that matters!

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